Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Most Anticipated Expiration Date in Town - The Wright Amendment

The Most Anticipated Expiration Date in Town - The Wright Amendment
Dallas, Texas

Downtown Dallas 

With less than a year to go, Southwest Airlines and the City of Dallas are putting finishing touches on the Love Field Airport expansion project in anticipation of a much-contested boost of travel options for Dallas residents.  The Dallas-based airline has even installed a countdown clock at its headquarters as a reminder to employees and passengers.

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The Wright Amendment, signed into effect in 1979, will finally expire October 13, 2014.  Trust me when I say that DFW International Airport, a joint venture between the cities of Dallas and Ft. Worth (and corporate headquarters of American Airlines), has enjoyed every advantage afforded by the artificially restricted competition imposed on the airlines who operate from Love Field in Dallas for the past 35 years. 

It's about time. Gone will be the forced layovers in neighboring states.  Dallas travelers will now be able to fly nonstop anywhere in the US.  The additional delays caused by traveling to and from DFW; the long waits in security checkpoints; and the problematic parking issues will be replaced by the central location and ease-of-use of Love Field.

"Freedom of flight" will now be more than an exhibition featuring birds of prey during the State Fair.   Dallas residents who have chosen the convenience of revitalized housing options in the city proper can now benefit from convenient business and personal travel from the heart of the city.

To see updates on the Love Field Modernization project, click here.

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